Business Planning Service

Did you know that a recent survey of new business owners revealed that less than 25 percent of the 250 owners surveyed had created a business plan for their new company? When asked why they hadn’t created a business plan for their new venture, the No. 1 reason given by the business owners was simply that they didn’t know how to create one.

Business planning services can help you build a better business. They can help you, teach you, and to provide solutions that help you build and grow your business in smart, efficient ways.

You’re up and running and looking for opportunities to grow your business—and your revenue. Strong business management is your key to success. And the two best things you can do to manage your business successfully are to make sure you understand your financials and to develop marketing strategies that are based on real data and customer feedback.

The process of getting ready to approach investors can be many things: tedious, exciting, terrifying, educational. But most of all, it’s distracting. Sure, raising money is important, but it’s even more important for you to focus on building your company: your team, your products and services, your customer base.

Business planning services can help with many things like strategy development, market research and analysis, competitor research and analysis, business plan preparation, financial analysis and forecasting, presentation materials, and developing a capital formation strategy.

This frees you up to focus on building something that investors might actually be interested in: a company in a large market with a compelling value proposition, strong competitive advantages, excellent growth potential, and a team that can make it happen.

The current economic climate requires new strategies to save your company money while at the same time providing comprehensive benefits for your employees. A business planning service can help provide comprehensive benefits for your employees.

  • Reducing your overall healthcare costs by as much as 30%
  • Fully insured plans for as little as 2 employees
  • Self-funded plans for as low as 50 employees
  • Alternative financing arrangements utilizing HRA’s and HSA’s
  • Group and voluntary dental, vision, life, disability, and long term care insurance

Business planning services can establish the right marketing mix (digital versus print) for your business. They can also develop a high-level marketing strategy that is based on your target customer and aligned with your business product/service offering to provide the right competitive advantage. they also assist with establishing a marketing budget that meets your business needs.

Writing a business plan should take a more consultative approach and works more closely with you, particularly in the early and latter stages of the process. First, the planning service should outline your business concept and objectives. From there, they need to gather information into a first draft of your business plan for you to review. Following your review, further refinements are made and presented in a second draft of your business plan. Your feedback will be used to fine-tune the plan, which when presented to you, completes this valuable service. At this stage, you have the finished business plan document that you’ve requested.